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Whether you like to off-road, have long commutes, or you only take your car out for special occasions, we want to make sure you have the best tires available. This is why we have committed ourselves to the automotive industry, and it is also why we are a trusted tire service provider for vehicle owners across Cedar City, Utah. Our ASE Certified technicians are some of the finest tire professionals in the industry, carrying extensive experience and training. At The Tire & Auto Center, our primary goal is to ensure your vehicle is fitted with the best tires for its performance needs. We will help you find the right tires and fix any issues your vehicle may encounter through the lifetime of your vehicle.

Repair or Replace?

We have seen many customers come to our shop for tire repair, only to discover the tire has irreversible damage. Although tire repair can be a great option, not all tires can qualify for this service. There are specific requirements and it is important to find the safest, most effective solutions.

Here are a few recommendations to consider:

  • Repair It: Repairing a tire can be a quick, cost-effective solution, but not all tires qualify for repairs. The biggest things to look for include what has caused damage, as well as the precise size and location of damage. To be eligile for repair, tire damage must be contained within the tread, as the tread is the most durable area. In addition to location, damage must not exceed 6mm or ¼-inch in diameter. Both of these requirements are neccesary to determine if the tire can be repaired safely.
  • Replace It: If your tire has any of the damage listed above, your tire must be replaced. Although a tire repair can be an attractive option due to its speed and affordability, auto shops should not repair a structurally compromised tire. For your safety and performance expectations, a new tire is a much better option.

Here to Help

When your tires experience any issues, it is important to repair or replace quickly to avoid any future headache. Whether you need a tire rotation or replacement, you can contact The Tire & Auto Center nearest you in the Cedar City, Utah area. Our ASE Certified technicians care about your needs and finding the right solutions quickly with precise, high-quality repairs. From repairs to replacements, we have you covered. Give us a call at or visit us on 1784 N Main Street. We also accept walk-ins, so feel free to stop by our shop.

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