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Hurricane’s Trusted Tire Experts — The Tire & Auto Center

Tires play a critical role in your ability to maintain full control and handling of your vehicle. Have you ever dodged random debris on the road or had to come to a sudden complete stop? If so, you can thank your tires for safe maneuvering. This is why it is so important to have high-quality tires. Without quality tires, you are placing yourself, your passengers, and drivers around you at risk. Our team at The Tire & Auto Center wants to ensure that you are safe and have peace of mind while driving on the road. Our ASE Certified technicians are tire and auto repair experts, carrying extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. We will help you find the right tires and services for your needs, while ensuring you are driving with a set of tires you can trust. Come see why we are the trusted tire experts in Hurricane, Utah!

Do You Need Tire Service?

Although many people know they should have their tires routinely checked and replaced, some may not know what to do if something happens in between service. Here are common problems you may experience, and how you should go about them:

  • Low Tire Tread: The tread on your tires provides you with control and precision, so it is important to know the health of your tread. A great way to do this is by using the penny test, which you can do by simply inserting a penny headfirst into the tread. If you see the top of our 16th president’s head, you know the tread is low and the tire needs to be replaced.
  • Damage: If you suspect something is wrong with your tires, the first thing you should do is check for damage. Check along the tread and the sidewalls for any nails, cuts, gashes, or anything that seems out of the ordinary. If you see any issues or have any questions or concerns, give us a call or stop by the shop. Depending upon the damage and location, you may be able to get it repaired!

Visit Our Facility

The Tire & Auto Center is the tire service shop you can depend on in Hurricane, Utah. Our ASE Certified technicians have decades of combined experience and we are awaiting your call or visit. Whether you need a new set of tires or your current set repaired, trust that our team can get the job done right. Schedule your next service by giving us a call at (435) 359-4910 or by visiting us on 346 W State Street, as we happily accept walk-ins.

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